Parenting For Success Workshop


As a parent if can be difficult to know how to respond to behaviors or how to handle tough parenting situations. At Genesis Counseling & Consulting, Inc. in Boca Raton, Florida, our Parenting for Success Workshop provides parents with the ability to learn new skills that will empower the entire family unit. Our practice specializes in working with families who have recently gone through a major life transition, such as divorce or remarriage, this workshops is designed for today’s modern family; stepfamilies, blended families, single parents, multi-generational parenting, adoption, same-sex families and other complexities. Our belief is that when parents feel supported, the whole family benefits. In this way, it is helpful for parents to have a place to go where they can process struggles, learn parenting tools and come up with a plan for how to respond to their children.

Parents often come in saying:

  • “My child won’t listen to me”
  • “I might as well be talking to the wall, no matter what I say, it just doesn’t matter”
  • “Homework is a nightmare”
  • “Everything is a struggle and a battle”

This begins the conversation of why discipline doesn’t work. With discipline, the behavior may fall in line, but their heart doesn’t. There is no buy-in on the children’s part. It is because discipline focuses on behavior, not on the feelings driving the behavior, which then undercuts the very thing we are trying to accomplish. Through our Parenting for Success Workshop we take the time to look at your parenting come-from. How were you parented as a child? Why are certain things important to you now as a parent? We crate a Family Code, which will be the framework for the remainder of the workshop. And, we create an in-depth, specialized behavior plan that is custom made for each family. These plans are developed to foster teamwork, self-confidence, boundaries and individuality within each family. As parents, you have more influence than you sometimes think and so you will be running weekly family meetings, which will support your family with containment, accountability, ownership and integrity. You will be supported with the tools to avoid power struggles, have healthy boundaries and communication, create win/win situations for their children, effectively manage behavior problems while increasing self-esteem.

What is ideal and unique about our Parenting for Success Workshop is that your children will participate in the last part of the workshop. This allows them to learn about the Family Code, and to get their input and buy-in for the Behavior Plan. You will also have the opportunity to practice a Family Meeting.

This workshop is comprehensive and is structured to work and be designed for any family. The behavior plans are not cookie-cutter and are therefore ideal for children who are having a difficult time with behaviors or managing transitions, as we can custom make them for each child and family. By laying a solid foundation for your family through exploring the lens through which you parent and then identifying the ideals that are important to you, so that you can have a higher commitment as a family moving forward, you are setting your family up for success.

Group Facilitators: Jennifer Bishop, LMHC, QS and Guest Facilitator: Sara Manuel, Certified Effectiveness Coach

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