Healing Children Through Grief, Workshop



Losing a loved one through death is one of the most difficult things a person can go through in their life. Often times when someone has died, the loved ones who are still living have an experience of feeling torn apart. The word “bereaved” itself stems from the root “reave,” which means to seize or tear away. This experience is even more difficult for children since their brains are not fully developed and the concept of death is foreign to them. As a parent, it’s natural to want your child to not feel the pain or distress of grief. Although in the short term it may seem like it’s supporting your child to avoid dealing with the death, in the long run it can lead to complications for your child and your family. The reason for this is because children who are not given the opportunity to move through the grief can internalize their feelings and hold them inside, leading to things like behavior issues, trouble focusing in school, overeating, depression, substance abuse, and many other types of numbing habits. It may be an uncomfortable experience looking at the pain of losing a loved one with your child and yet it is a deeply healing experience that can also bring your family closer together. In our grief workshop, there are many factors that contribute to your child’s healing experience. One important factor is that your child will be working with other children who have gone through a death, which allows them to feel like they’re not alone in their grief. Being with other children in this way creates a safe space for them to share without fear of being the “only one” with a death in their family. Another important factor is that your child will be involved in therapeutic activities that not only provide healing, but they are also fun and interactive. We will be doing activities such as painting, games, story writing, poetry, yoga, music, and much more. There is a balance between deep sharing, creativity, and fun, which allows your child to explore new coping skills that they can take home to use in other challenging times throughout their life.

Guest Facilitator – Ann McLemore, LCSW

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