Creating Family Peace Workshop


Is your family going through a recent divorce? Are you struggling with a newly blended family, trying to get everyone to get along? Are there constant arguments about parenting, money, boundaries and responsibilities? Are your children acting our and refusing to follow directions? Do you have issues with custody or co-parenting? Is your child rejecting your new partner?

Love Languages For The Whole Family Workshop


All of us have a primary love language, how we understand and receive love best.  When our “emotional love tanks” are full, it is easier for us to react and respond to things, we are more receptive to others, more understanding, and have more strength to manage life’s challenges. It is also important to make sure we are filling the love tanks of our loved one’s with unconditional love. Unconditional love is a full love that accepts and affirms others for who they are and not for what they do, showing love to others, no matter what.

Parenting For Success Workshop


a parent if can be difficult to know how to respond to behaviors or how to handle tough parenting situations. At Genesis Counseling & Consulting, Inc. in Boca Raton, Florida, our Parenting for Success Workshop provides parents with the ability to learn new skills that will empower the entire family unit. Our practice specializes in working with families who have recently gone through a major life transition, such as divorce or remarriage, this workshops is designed for today’s modern family; stepfamilies, blended families, single parents, multi-generational parenting, adoption, same-sex families and other complexities.

Healing Children Through Grief, Workshop

It may be an uncomfortable experience looking at the pain of losing a loved one with your child and yet it is a deeply healing experience that can also bring your family closer together. In our grief workshop, there are many factors that contribute to your child’s healing experience. One important factor is that your child will be working with other children who have gone through a death, which allows them to feel like they’re not alone in their grief. Being with other children in this way creates a safe space for them to share without fear of being the “only one” with a death in their family.

Ten Ways To Let Your Child's Greatness Shine

Statistics show that more American families experience divorce now, than ever before in history. Nearly 60% of all first marriages end in divorce and result in remarriages. Therefore, the children of divorced parents end up in blended families, facing the challenges of learning to cope with their new surroundings and relationships. As your children adjust to this change it can create conflict and resentment as they grow accustom to new parenting styles, new routines and new personalities within the family. Parents, YOU play a critical role in helping your children transition into your blended family.

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