Vivienne Cameron Ovid, MS, RMHI

Vivienne Cameron Ovid, MS, RMH


Vivienne Cameron Ovid, has her Masters in Mental Health and Play Therapy. She is currently a Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern with Genesis Counseling & Consulting, Inc., in Boca Raton, Florida, where she specializes in working with families that have recently gone through life transitions, such as divorce or remarriage, chronic medical issues, loss of a loved one, body images issues and more. Families are in a constant state of change; therefore Vivienne carefully looks at Family Systems, which says that when one part of a system changes, the entire system is changed. Staying grounded and present during these changes can be challenging for any child, parent and family, no matter what their situation. When even one member of a family comes in for support, the entire family will benefit.

Vivienne has been working with children and their families for more than 15 years.  She obtained her bachelors degree from Florida Atlantic University in 2006, with a double major in Studio Art and Developmental Psychology.  She graduated from Nova Southeastern University in 2011 with a double Masters of Arts degree in Mental Health Counseling and Play Therapy.  Vivienne completed her graduate internship with at risk youth throughout Palm Beach County. During this time, she was in charge of running groups, writing treatment plans and creating processes specific to the needs of the clients we were working with.  She was contracted privately to work with children on the autistic spectrum and their parents where she supported families in creating healthy behavior patterns and helped establish structure in the home including everything from repetitious behavior, to eating vegetables.  Vivienne worked with autistic children ages 2 to 12 and their families for 6 years. She then moved to Florida where she began working for holistic doctors throughout Broward and Palm Beach counties.  For the next 8 years Vivienne counseled clients from a holistic approach, looking at the body as a whole, integrating talk therapy, creative therapies and nutritional counseling.  Most recently she has been supporting adults with special needs to secure services and funding for necessary things such as job training skills, and independent living.

Vivienne’s specialty is working with families who have a child that has a chronic illness, more specifically, with the sibling of these children. Parents will often bring in the child who has the chronic medical issues, to perhaps address gaining skills or to work through some behavioral issues; however she has found that the siblings are missing much needed attention. Art therapy is one of Vivienne’s favorite modalities. Children cannot verbalize their thoughts, feelings and emotions the same way adults do. Art therapy allows children an outlet to express these feelings in a safe and non-confrontational way. For example, a child can take out aggression using clay, or they can express feelings of anxiety through a collage. Art therapy is a proven tool for healing with children.

In addition to art therapy, some of the other modalities Vivienne uses include: Emotive Therapy, Play Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral, Nutritional Counseling, Family Systems and Expressive Therapies such as music and drama. She has worked with special needs and chronically, medically ill population, using a holistic approach and integrating these creative therapies to meet the needs of each of her clients. Vivienne’s belief is that the real magic happens when you get down to a child’s level, go into their world and invite them into ours. 

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