“It has been my pleasure to work with Jennifer Bishop, LMHC. Jennifer is a perceptive, dedicated and creative clinician. Jennifer’s ability to develop rapport and focus on client’s strength’s and abilities produces exceptional outcomes and high client satisfaction. It is truly a pleasure working with such a talented and dedicated professional. I would not hesitate to utilize Jennifer’s services personally and have in fact referred friends and family to her.”

– Monica W., Trainer/Consultant/Curriculum Development/Expertise in Senior Living Policy & Best Practices & Gerontology

“Jennifer Bishop, LMHC is a compassionate and helpful Clinician. She is easy to talk to and excellent with everyone who comes into her space, especially young children and teens.”

Jen G., Hospice Social Worker, VITAS Healthcare

“Jennifer Bishop, LMHC is a detailed-oriented, client-centered clinician. I have always been able to depend on her for clinical direction and clarification of points when needed. She is an outstanding person to work with.”

Tiffany H., Mental Health Counselor

“Jennifer Bishop, LMHC was patient and compassionate while allowing my daughter the time she needed to open up. She helped her tremendously with a warm and supportive attitude. Jennifer is always accessible and communicates with my husband and I.”

– A.L. – mother of 6 year old girl

“My wife and I could not be happier with the services we received from bringing our daughter to see Jennifer Bishop, LMHC. Our daughter was suffering from social anxiety and within a few sessions, she was showing more confidence and was more relaxed. Her symptoms were residing by emotionally and physically.”

L.S.  – father of a 9 year of girl

“I have brought my son to see several therapists and he always refused to participate. Once we found Jennifer Bishop, LMHC, my son found someone he felt safe with. Jennifer makes him feel important and gives him all of her attention without making him feel like he is in ‘therapy’. She is extremely creative and really understands children. My son is able to express his feelings and the impact this has on his functioning is tremendous. He loves going to see her and this has been only positive for our family.”

S.M., mother of a 7 year old boy

“Jennifer Bishop, LMHC uses many modalities while working with her clients. Her knowledge of these techniques and when to use them makes her an extremely qualified and exceptional clinician. By providing bibliotherapies, using play therapy, movement therapy and experiential therapies, such as drama therapy, she is a safe and powerful guide for the young children working with her.”

– Nancy D. – Director of Foster Care

“Jennifer Bishop is a remarkable woman who is a stand for the people she works with and the people she is connected to professionally and personally. My experience of Jennifer Bishop as a coach and professional in her field (Genesis Counseling & Consulting-) is one of the utmost respect. She is an inspring woman whose commitment to helping others shows through the results in the lives of those she works and deals with. Her loving, powerful approach is effective and has served as an amazing guide and tool as I  committ to my own life and everything I want in life in all domains (personal growth, relationshops, career, finance, fitness, health, and community). I am accountable for my life and I am empowered and free to live life to the fullest. Jennifer Bishop is stellar and I highly reccommend her as a coach.”

– Hoanca Schneider

“I have known Jennifer Bishop for 2 years. She has had an amazing impact on my life with her unique ways of coaching and also very funny too by the way. Jennifer and her team at Genesis counseling are truly a stand for you and the life you deserve. They are loving, caring, kind, honest, motivating, firm when necessary and professional. They are people you can count on for guidance needed in your life or any of your loved ones. I would trust any one of them to support me or my family in need of counseling. I highly recommend the Genesis Group! A truly inspirational group”

– Marilyn Lopez-Wood

“I have known Jennifer for almost two year; she was my personal coach during some very transitional times in my life. She was, and always will be, a stand for me and what I want out of life. She never brought any judgment to our relationship and simply, and not so simply, supported me. She coached me through my choices to move 300 miles away to a new city, jumpstarting my life, finding a new career, and removing myself from a relationship that no longer served me, while maintaining that relationship. She is a wonderfully loving woman and a powerful person to have on your team, fighting for what you say you want. She has a wealth of knowledge and constantly amazes me with her tried and true wisdom. She always holds me high, inspires me, and creates a space for me to step into who I really am.”

– Angela Johnson

“I have personal experience with Jennifer Bishop and highly recommend her as a therapist.  She is loving, kind, understanding and nurturing.  Jennifer is highly skilled and knowledgable as a therapist.  I have found her to be trustworthy, compassionate and committed to serving people. The entire staff of Genesis Counseling is outstanding and each brings beautiful gifts to the work of mental health.  All are insightful, wise and professional.  Counseling from any member of Genesis is a gift you deserve to give yourself.”

– Chris

“I brought my daughter to see Jennifer for over 2 years. She helped her tremendously. My daughter is thriving now. She is happy and our family is so grateful for her expertise and for guiding. My daughter continues to use the skills Jennifer taught her.”

– Nicole

“Jennifer is a brilliant woman who brings compassion, commitment, experience and love to every individual she works with. She is gifted in what she does and her ability to heal the children and families she serves is not often found. I am so lucky that my family was referred to her years ago. She is truly a gift.”

– Lisa

“I worked with Jennifer for many years. I am always blown away by her creativity, brilliance, tenacity and strength. She has a huge heart and is one of the most authentic people I have ever met. Her vision to serve families, is exactly what she does.”

– Anna

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