Sara Manuel

Sara Manuel, Certified Effectiveness Coach


Sara is a Certified Effectiveness Coach and Experiential Trainer. Sara started her career managing a group home for at risk youth and later transitioned into outpatient services, where she counseled youth and families in the community. She spent 3 years as a therapeutic foster parent. She is a Qualified Mental Health Professional in the state of North Carolina.

Sara is passionate about supporting families in learning to communicate and live harmoniously. She believes that parenting is the most important job we will ever do. Children do not come with instruction manuals and what works for one child may not work for another. Sara believes that parents need support, compassion, and empathy in learning to empower their children and set them up for success in life. She works with families on learning effective communication and listening so that the whole family can understand and support each other.

Sara teaches specific skills including communication, role modeling, discipline, establishing expectations, setting limits, and creating an environment that encourages natural growth and learning. As a coach, she not only draws on her vast toolbox of skillsets, she works with parents on getting to the source of why we do what we do. Often there are some unconscious beliefs or interpretations about life or parenting that are making family life challenging. The coaching process involves uncovering those beliefs and consciously choosing new actions and ways of being so that parents can utilize the skill sets that will work best for their children and family.  As your coach, Sara will work with you to develop a detailed coaching plan with specific, tangible goals and will be your committed partner in achieving those results.

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