How can you help blended families be successful?

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To help blended families succeed, we use a variety of methods and practices to support the coming together of two separate families with different understandings of what family life looks like.  We draw on the strengths of each individual so each family member recognizes they are important and valued in this new blended family.  When a family can agree on a common goal and a common vision, it supports everyone in making clear decisions. In the event you have a child with special needs we can support you in knowing how to meet the needs of all your children so no one feels “lost” along the way.  We believe a holistic approach, which includes talk therapy, creative art therapies, experiential work, which all lend to creating the internal shift needed to support blended families being successful.

– Jennifer Bishop, LMHC, Founder and President of Genesis Counseling & Consulting, Inc. in Boca Raton, Florida

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