How can you be sure that your last divorce is truly your last and that your new marriage is a success?

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Relationships take work! Past relationships can leave you questioning your self-worth and desire to be in a new one. Most of us bring the history or our past relationships into our new ones and before we know it, we have sabotaged them due to fear, doubt, pain, and insecurities. The first, and most important thing is that you must to be willing to admit that your first marriage’s failure was not all your ex’s fault. This will allow you to explore, reflect and uncover your own problematic behaviors that contributed to the downfall of the relationship. You will now have the opportunity to set realistic expectations of your new marriage and how to communicate these expectations clearly with your next partner. Creating the relationship of your dreams is possible when you are willing to take a look inside.

Jennifer Bishop, LMHC, Founder and President of Genesis Counseling & Consulting, Inc. in Boca Raton, Florida

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