Worry Warriors, Anxiety Skill Building



Anxiety is the number one mental health problem facing children today. Anxiety is meant to protect us, but for many children, anxiety prevents them from enjoying and participating in life.  Some parents may be advised that their child’s fear is normal or that their child will outgrow it, if your child’s anxiety is interfering with his or her ability to function, it is imperative to seek professional consultation.

Major life transitions, such as divorce or remarriage can increase anxiety in children, as these events can be traumatic and disruptive. Divorce involves collapsing many of the ingrained social expectations for children. Regardless of a potential tough exterior, children become frightened, confused, insecure, vulnerable, hurt, overwhelmed, angry, sad and conflicted in their emotions. Children need to be taught how to cope and how to express emotions in a safe way

Anxiety disorders are the most treatable mental health condition in children. Treating anxiety early can prevent a lifetime of suffering. Some of the symptoms of anxiety can include: excessive fear and worrying, trouble coping with disruption to routine, asking repetitive questions, being inconsolable, having regular stomach aches or headaches, refusing to attend school, sleeping disturbances, nightmares, unnecessarily apologizing, compulsive thoughts, or distress when separating from parents. The Worry Warriors Anxiety Group at Genesis Counseling & Consulting, Inc. supports children to improve their school attendance, academic performance, self-confidence and familial relationships.

WHO This Group Is For: – Boys and Girls, Elementary School Age

LOCATION : Delray Beach/Boca Raton, Florida

HOW This Group Helps Improve Coping Skills for Anxiety

  • Learning Distraction Techniques
  • What are my feelings and emotions
  • Where do I feel my feelings in my body
  • Body awareness
  • Breathing
  • Creating a safe place
  • What are my senses
  • Putting tools into my coping skills toolbox 
  • Muscle Relaxation
  • Guided Imagery
  • Breath work
  • Being present in your body
  • Expressing feelings and emotions
  • Art journaling
  • Positive Self-Talk

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