Empowerment Women’s Group



Life can be difficult. Sometimes, we can even feel helpless, frantic, or simply overwhelmed. Problems in intimate relationships, conflicts in families or stress at work can often create havoc in our lives, leaving us depleted and confused, feeling uncertain and alone. The Women’s Empowerment Group at Genesis Counseling & Consulting, Inc. is a safe place where you can speak freely about your feelings, experiences and life. This group was designed for the mind, body and spirit, allowing participants to draw from others and share your insight with those within the group. The methods used in the group format include emotive therapy, creative and experiential therapies (such as drawing, art, writing, drama, movement), yoga and a mind-body approach (affirmations and meditation)

The Women’s Empowerment Group is ideal for women over the age of 25 and is located in Delray Beach/Boca Raton, Florida. This group will support with:

  • Working through struggles by expressing your thoughts and feelings
  • Improving self-confidence, communication skills and assertiveness
  • Building healthy coping skills for managing stress, depression, addictions, and other challenges
  • Rediscovering your true nature, wisdom, strength, and passion

If you are considering attending the Women’s Empowerment Group, some questions to consider…

  1. Are you unable to ask for what you need and want in personal and/or professional relationships?
  2. Do you have a difficult time saying, “no” in personal and professional relationships?
  3. Do you feel responsible when things go wrong, even if it was not your fault?
  4. Are you not able to make eye contact with others when you talk to them?
  5. Do people often ask you to speak more loudly in order to be heard?
  6. Do you feel intimidated by people in authority and/or domineering co-workers?
  7. Do you feel you’re being treated unequally in personal relationships and/or with co-workers?
  8. Do you often feel so angry you could scream?
  9. Do you often feel depressed due to not speaking up and thus not getting your needs met?
  10. Are you unsure how to ask for help without feeling dependent on others?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, than the Women’s Empowerment Group will be a great service to you as you develop the tools necessary to create healthy boundaries, develop independence and establish the self-confidence that is lacking. 

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