Group Services


Group Counseling can be a powerful and valuable venue for healing and growth.

Many of us naturally learn from our environment without any help; however when we are struggling with emotional or behavioral concerns, we often need a structured environment that has opportunities for us to learn from others.

Group Counseling is based on the belief that a patient’s social, emotional and physical development can be healed through cooperative and non-threatening activities. During group counseling, we are able to simulate familiar situations, while providing structure and support to guide and coach participants through their interactions. This allows for participants to slow down their reactions and responses so they can “see the scene.” Through the use of cueing, mirroring, modeling, prompting, role-playing and reinforcement, participants practice and sustain participating in everyday activities. This safe environment allows participants to try new behaviors and to receive positive responses, thus affording them the self-confidence to bring these new skills outside of group.

At Genesis Counseling & Consulting, Inc. in Boca Raton, Florida, we specialize in working with families who have recently gone through a major life transition, such as divorce or remarriage. We believe that when one member of the family comes in for counseling, the entire family benefits!

Freedom To Be Self-Esteem


Self-esteem is the degree to which we feel confident, consider ourselves valuable and respect ourselves. Low self-esteem, poor self-image and negative self-confidence are serious issues facing today’s adolescent females. Factors that can lead to low self-esteem include; the media, obesity, depression, poor academic achievement and disruptive family environment, such as divorce or remarriage. These poor images of self can lead to behavioral and emotional complications, such as; academic issues, aggression, drug/alcohol abuse, anxiety/depression, self-harming behaviors or unwanted pregnancy.

Social Skills Building


Social Skills training allows children to learn and practice these skills in a safe environment with others. For some children, social interactions are problematic. The combination of impulsivity, immaturity and difficulty reading social cues can lead to poor peer relationships. Learning to get along with others is a challenge, whether at school, in sports, with friends or at home. This Social Skills training group is designed for children to be engaged in social learning opportunities. The material taught in the Social Skill Building Group at Genesis Counseling & Consulting, Inc., is adapted to promote effective socialization and communication skills.

Empowerment Women's Group


Life can be difficult. Sometimes, we can even feel helpless, frantic, or simply overwhelmed. Problems in intimate relationships, conflicts in families or stress at work can often create havoc in our lives, leaving us depleted and confused, feeling uncertain and alone. The Women’s Empowerment Group at Genesis Counseling & Consulting, Inc. is a safe place where you can speak freely about your feelings, experiences and life. This group was designed for the mind, body and spirit, allowing participants to draw from others and share your insight with those within the group. The methods used in the group format include emotive therapy, creative and experiential therapies (such as drawing, art, writing, drama, movement), yoga and a mind-body approach (affirmations and meditation)


Worry Warriors, Anxiety Skill Building


Anxiety is the number one mental health problem facing children today. Anxiety is meant to protect us, but for many children, anxiety prevents them from enjoying and participating in life.  Some parents may be advised that their child’s fear is normal or that their child will outgrow it, if your child’s anxiety is interfering with his or her ability to function, it is imperative to seek professional consultation.

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