Couples Counseling



At Genesis Counseling & Consulting, Inc. in Boca Raton, Florida, we specialize in working with families who have recently gone through a major life transition, such as divorce or remarriage. We believe that when one member of the family comes in for counseling, the entire family benefits!

Becoming a couple is more than just being friends. When we become a couple, we create something more than ourselves.  As a couple, we create a container that holds our hopes, dreams, fears and desires. When relationships work, it can lead to a fulfilling life. More often than not, we realize that the friendship is not what we expected and the container of our couple starts to feel less secure. As this happens, we can feel as if the container is breaking up or if the foundations are cracking. Disappointment, anger and fear begin to replace the initial hopes and dreams placed on the relationship. This is the point where couples counseling can be supportive.

Couples who are blending families together face additional challenges. A significant reason that remarriage divorce rate continues to be at 60% is the presence of children and the strain that the parent-child alliances and parental decision-making puts on the couple’s relationship. We work with stepfamilies to explore the unique dynamics of stepfamilies.

Couples counseling offers the opportunity to understand and uncover the deeper, more unconscious blockages in your relationship. This frequently leads to the uncovering of your earliest and most profound emotional experiences. Couples are able to find new strategies for their relationship by finding mutual understanding and compassion.  Counseling provides a safe space for partners to explore difficult feelings without fear of judgment or blame. You will be able to recognize and resolve conflicts and improve your relationship. 

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